Rural sewage treatment with the PNBS – Bolivian Highlands

Two PNBS (Portable Natural Biological System) units were installed in the villages of Larati & Pampilla, in Bolivia’s highland (3700m) near Cochabamba, by Ayala’s team. Beyond the critical environmental impact of protecting the local freshwater aquifers and providing high-quality water, the social impact was evident and heart-touching. In harsh weather conditions, the inauguration ceremony, held by the local school’s staff and students and the local farmers’ community, meant everything and made the entire strenuous long-running efforts worthwhile, personally and commercially. The organizations behind this initiative, ABI Foundation, Accelerator 100+, and CBN, have gained what they were looking for: the local’s appreciation, great PR, and closer acquaintance with our NBS technology that is now being explored to fit and contribute to their industrial plants—fulfilling the company’s ESG goals in this critical segment.