The Natural Biological System (NBS)

Issues of fresh water supply, sewage treatment & amp; recycling, storm water harvesting, poor sanitation, etc., are becoming the primary concern globally.

Most of the efforts (most not so successful) were put into cities, large urban conglomerates, and dense communities. Small, mainly rural, communities remained out of the scope mainly because of problems of the feasibility of providing solutions, such as the vast diversity, complex topography, distance, lack of appropriate roads and electricity supply, lack of professional personnel to install and maintain solutions, and prolonged neglect.

To this void, Ayala has penetrated with its Sustainable, nature-based NBS technology equipped with modular and portable units that can be shipped and installed easily in any location on the globe where people are living and where water is available.

These Ayala Eco units’ line and the Portable NBS operate independently after the one-time installation.

These Low-capacity water and sewage treatment systems – are designed to provide solutions to remote communities, neighborhoods, large/small households, factories, gas stations, train stations, etc. They treat any water source and sewage, and they are designed and tailored to each site accordingly.



Modular and portable small-scale product line

Using the unique Natural Biological Systems (NBS) ™ technology

The Completely Sustainable Solution

Zero energy
Minimal maintenance

Decentralized systems for sewage treatment and reuse
Treatment capacity range options: 1-40 m 3 /day
Portable, immediate solutions for rapid installation and regulatory approval

The Ayala Eco-systems differ in size and shape. They are ready-made containers, plastic/metal, which can be delivered to each site after learning the needs, along with internal equipment as necessary (aggregates, hydraulics, plants, and additives).
All modular systems can be built in parallel or one after the other.
Capacity can change according to the size of the system, sewage quality, and quality demand at the outlet.
*Please see attached information.