Ayala Water & Ecology

A company of sustainability experts founded in 1989. Internationally recognized experience in Nature Based Wastewater Treatment (NBWWT), environmental rehabilitation and an integral nature mimicking design of watershed management using only natural, energy-free technology to restore balance to the environment.

Our Vision

Transforming the approach to watershed management toward global water security, Carbon Footprint reduction, and regaining environmental balance.

Illustration: Alfredo Martirena Hernandez


Providing the world with the tools to pursue a more holistic approach to water management, breaking the Water-Energy Nexus, reducing the dependence on human intervention and the use of non-renewable energy, enlarging green coverage, and providing clean water for all.

The technology - The NBS

The NBS – a nature-based self sustains cutting-edge technology in environmental solutions, breaking the Energy-Water Nexus. This ‘game-changer’ technology relies on the laws of Nature and Thermodynamics principles. It is engineered with a combination of biotic and abiotic components and supported by varying internal hydraulic layouts, wherein the functions of settling, clarification, biological removal, contaminants inactivation, and filtration coincide in a hybrid flow regime with ZERO use of energy and minimal use of workforce, to holistically purify contaminated water, soil, and air.

The NBS is a ‘Social’ technology fabricated into the living spaces in Urban, Industrial and Agricultural zones; providing “Active Landscapes” for the onsite harvesting and treatment of sewage and water run-off, recharging aquifers, restoring waterbeds, and preventing floods while dramatically reducing the Carbon Footprint. It treats various effluents, including agricultural, industrial, and domestic sewage providing high-standard quality water.

Ayala serves as Consulting expert for the Inter-American Development Bank, the EU COST special environmental comities, the Green Building Council of India, the National Green Tribunal (NGT), India, Tel Aviv Municipality, Drainage Authorities in Israel, and more.

Ayala’s headquarter – the aquatic plant farm in Zipori

The Aquatic Plant Farm in Zipori has been the home of Ayala Water and Ecology for the past 33 years. The 10-hectare farm extends over gentle hills on the northwestern slopes of the moshav (agricultural community) and adjoins Zipori National Park, which combines a beautiful pristine landscape with ancient, 6,000+ years of human settlement, reflected in ancient terraces and residential structures, burial caves, magnificent olive trees, bore wells and remnants of ancient agriculture.

The organic farm, by definition, from its first day, was established and worked out while preserving the character of ancient agriculture, including the restoration of the ancient terraces for better rainwater harvesting, cultivation flowing with the land by preservative means without harming the landscape, the focus of local flora, and more.

At the same time, the farm has developed its unique aquatic plants branch for cultivating aquatic plants, immersed and submersed, for ornamental use and water purification and management. Besides being an active source of aquatic plants for the country, the farm has been a fantastic Lab for understanding, learning, and developing water management techniques, plant adaptation, and a living showcase hub for sustainable water management practices.

The houses on the farm were built using local raw materials such as locally collected stone combined with limestone and earth.

The ‘passive’ construction model on the farm includes unique green roofs that preserve heat and cold and purify the local wastewater for irrigation. The thick walls retain warmth and coolness and combine live green walls for shading and insulation. The agricultural and gardening irrigation on the farm is carried out with sewage water purchased from a nearby regional sewage facility and purified by the NBS systems.

The farm’s overall energy consumption is negligible compared to similar size farms, doing it mainly with passive means (minimal consumption). Ayala’s technology has gained much interest worldwide, and the farm has become a center and a pilgrimage site for professionals from Israel and around the world.

Ayala Group – companies and leading team

Eli Cohen, founder and CEO. A sustainability expert, mastering nature-based solutions worldwide for over 30 years.

Eli, M.Sc. at the Technion, Israel, material science, Physics, and thermodynamics, headed an R&D team in the high-tech industry and, over the last 30 years, nurtured its unique aqua-culture farm specializing in aquatic plants and water management.

His scientific background, unique agricultural practice, intuitive learning and extensive field experience are the background to the formation of to the NBS technology. 

Eli has been invited to talk, write and take an active part in many international groups specializing in ecology, sustainability and nature-based solutions. Among them: the EU COST committee, NATO special committee for the development of Phyto-applications, CW association, IDB sustainability group, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) of India, and more.

During the last 30 years, Eli and the company designed and executed hundreds of working systems in Israel and worldwide with various applications: Industrial, domestic, watershed management, and more.

Eli and his team collaborate with researchers from different disciplines, run tests, and research financed by the EU and other entities, and contribute his facilities and know-how to create change wherever needed.

The aquatic plant farm belongs to Mr. Cohen, is a hub for hundreds of species of plants, numerous water bodies, and a powerful field lab in which knowledge is gained, and the NBS technology was developed.

Ayala natural biological system PVT LTD, India

The Ayala Natural Biological Systems PVT LTD company is based in Bangalore, India, with the purpose of promoting Ayala’s NBS technology in India and the region in collaboration with local entities, companies, professionals, academics, etc. To do it while standing in the local regulations and standards for the best of the people and country and for commercial development.

Ayala, India, was established in 2013. Since then, has been involved in the designing and execution of more than 20 systems for various clients and industries, including the Textile, Food, and Sugar industries, Rivers, Canals (Nalas), Lakes, Urban and watershed management, and more. 

Ms. Sindhu Cherian 
Director and Head of Indian Operations, Ayala Natural Biological Systems
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts; Sophia BK Somani Polytechnic, Bombay

Professional experience

Currently heading Ayala’s operations in the Indian market in Environmental Sustainability.  Over the last 6 years, I introduced the vision of a natural, sustainable technology to the top levels of Indian Industry and Government, resulting in the technology being presented at two Indian Green Tribunal conferences under the auspices of The Indian Supreme Court; endorsement by the IGBC as natural technology being the only sustainable way forward. In recent months, responsible for exporting the technology to Sri Lanka and other parts of South East Asia.

1991 – 2000 10 years in the advertising sector as:

Art Director – Leo Burnett;

Creative Director – Redifussion, Dentsu, Young & Rubicam

Commercial Art, Visual Merchandising Advertising, and Marketing

1998 – 2000 Lecturer at Wigan and Leigh School of Design, Bangalore, in the Study of Colour, Typography and the art of Calligraphy, and Design

2000 – 2016 Head of Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, Head of Design, and key player of the Velankani Group of Companies Management, Electronics City, Bangalore.

The main focus over a 16-year tenure was on Design meeting Practicality and Functionalism; Applying artistic principles to a variety of fields, including developing a 23-acre technology park into a green oasis; Sensitive landscape design coupled with initiatives to improve and protect the environment – obtained a platinum rating within a year for the Velankani Technology Park under the Green Landscape Rating System initiated by the IGBC under the aegis of the Confederation of Indian Industry.


Ayala PNBS Company was established in 2018 to develop and produce the Portable NBS version as a Nature Based Solution for remote communities and villages worldwide.

“packing” the NBS technology into a modular and Portable platform allows the solution to be available even in remote areas where construction works are complicated, as well as energy and professional maintenance.

This ground-breaking technology solution provides water security and hope in millions of sites around the globe where it is no more due to the destruction of freshwater aquifers.

The PNBS solution has received the “seal of excellence” from the EU and a special fund for research, data collection, and analysis. The PNBS technology is patented in a few countries and regions.

The PNBS solution was selected and funded lately by accelerator 100+ (AB InBev, Coca-Cola, Uni lever, Colgate) as the most promising sustainable on-site water management solution. Under the wing of The Accelerator 100+ and ABI Foundation Funds, Ayala PNBS have supplied and executed lately two systems for communities in the highlands of Bolivia in the Sacaba region.

Eyal Hirshfeld 

Head of Ayala PNBS technical and operation division, has 30 years of experience in the field of water, infrastructure, out-of-the-box solutions, and entrepreneurship.

Eyal follows the manufacturing of the units and all the way forward to shipment and implementation, runs the technical team, and gives technical support in any needed way.

Eyal himself lives in a beautiful, remote village in the desert of Israel and has gained much experience in water management for himself and many communities around the country. His experience is based on actual living challenges, which he is more than willing to share with people in need.

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