Services - by Ayala Water & Ecology

Providing tailored solutions for:
• Integrated Watershed Management
• Restoration of Water Bodies (lakes, Rivers, Aquifers)
• Urban Solutions
• Rural Solutions
• Industrial Solutions
• Adapted solutions for small businesses, communities, and private estates
• Consulting and Customer Support


During its 30+ years of operations, Ayala Water and Ecology have designed and built hundreds of working NBS projects in various sizes and for multiple fields: industrial, urban, agricultural, rivers, lakes, and integrated spaces.

So far, many projects are tailored per case and solve specific problems. Some are designed holistically to solve multiple issues simultaneously; watershed management is usually like that, but not only.

The projects, as a concept, most of the time, use local commodities (including plants) and local labor for execution works.

The Systems have no operation and energy demands and need hardly any maintenance, only a dedicated team to watch and observe for the long run, besides basic gardening.
Following, you will find, as well, case studies of ornamental water elements that do not use wastewater but work by the NBS technology to create a long-lasting resilient water feature that, besides beatification, acts as robust carbon harvesting “organism”.