Since the dawn of human history, The Rurals have been humanity’s escape zone from dense communities and cities. The clean air and remarkably clean water are kept as so due to the lack of human activities interventions, smaller population, and zero use of slow-degradable chemicals. The last hundred years have changed dramatically the shape of the environment in urban zones as well as the rural ones. The overuse of water from all available aquifers due to energy availability reduces the freshwater availability on the one hand and enlarges the sewage generation running untreated while contaminating the remained aquifers on the other hand. Many rural water resources are used as a water supply source to the fast-growing cities.

People living in rural, usually practicing agriculture, need good enough water. Still, nowadays, more than 2B, according to a UN report, are facing a severe lack of water security, which leads to continuous immigration to urban centers, becoming a huge burden on economies worldwide.  

Water and sewage treatment solutions demand huge investments and a stable energy supply in case of using the current conventional energy and chemical-based technologies. Adding to it the high continuous maintenance costs, solutions are often not provided.  

Ayala provides the NBS as a solution to such areas, demanding no energy, chemicals, and very little simple maintenance. Ayala’s systems are fast to install, use mainly local commodities and labor, are modular, and can be adjusted to volume and demands, and last many years.

The NBS can treat wastewater on-site before entering and contaminating aquifers and treat contaminated local aquifers, lakes, and Rivers before being supplied to inhabitants to eliminate potential sicknesses and diarrhea, one of the bigger causes of childhood mortality.

Ayala’s NBS solutions are being tailored per case and supplied and installed in many different ways, including an on-site installation and the Portable ready units (the PNBS).