AYALA developed and practices
the ‘NBS’ technology

A Nature-Based Solution approach to providing simultaneously water security and carbon footprint reduction while restoring the global environmental imbalance;

Our deeper values are truly driven by high words such as sustainability, back with nature, reversing climate change, and Nature Based Solutions.
Nature has been Ayala’s inspiration for over 30 years, guiding us with its infinite wisdom and intelligent simplicity.

From this solid partnership was created the Natural Biological System (NBS), a nature-based technology for the treatment of wastewater and watersheds
rehabilitation. The approach is holistic, combating multiple environmental issues simultaneously.

The NBS is free from chemicals and energy requirements, offering a negative carbon footprint by breaking the traditional dependence water treatment methods have on the energy grid.

The hundreds of projects implemented worldwide to treat effluents of various contaminants are a true testimony to the power of the NBS technology and to Ayala’s expertise in mimicking nature’s ways.

HGA Hyderabad, India

Ramat Hovav, power station, Israel

HGA Hyderabad, India