Background: Watersheds around large urban centers, especially in fast-developing countries, are facing crises including air, water, and soil pollution, scarcity of clean water and energy, running sewage, landfills, and dispersed solid waste that chokes the waterways and contributes
to pollution hot spots, including contaminated leachate. Using energy-based technologies further exacerbates the problems by demanding high energy, labor, and chemical inputs, increasing carbon release and global warming effects. Fuel used in dense urban watersheds for water management, such as treatment, conveyance, supply, etc., can exceed 35% of the total energy consumption.

The Natural Biological System (NBS) holistic technology uses engineered “active landscapes” that mimic Nature’s Green Lungs and Kidneys to capture and treat air, water, and solid pollution within the context of the more significant hydrological watershed. The NBS™ frees rivers and surface water from the choking sludge and liquid pollution that would otherwise cause ecological collapse and spoilage of resources. The NBS byproducts are clean air and a beautiful irrigation-free landscape, generating clean water and providing a value-added recreational zone that increases public appreciation for healthy ecological rhythms with a positive feedback loop.
After enjoying the enhanced appearance of the surroundings, citizens wish to maintain and improve their current state. The NBS™ breaks the water-energy nexus while strengthening and stabilizing the appearance and functionality of the smart city and greater watershed.

Rebalancing landscape ecosystem A watershed whose inner ambient has been balanced due to energy use reduction while enlarging its active green landscape can support and enhance livelihood for generations to come. It reduces carbon emission significantly and “harvests” excess carbon; reversing climate change. It reduces dramatically the economic burden caused by the operation and maintenance costs of conventional energy and chemical-based solutions. 

The Nature-Based decentralized systems holistically designed approach maintains, recharges, and revives the local aquifers, provides water security, prevents floods, and reduces air pollution.

Ayala has designed watersheds of different sizes and types for populations of millions of citizens who are pining for a sustainable solution. To name a few: Plan Du Var, Nice, France. Delhi Jal Board, north New Delhi region on the banks of the Yamuna River, India; The Arkhavathi River, western Bangalore, India. HGA, Hyderabad Golf Association, India, Alexander River, central Israel, Yavne River, Israel, Yarkon River, Israel.