100 + Accelerator’s latest publication of Ayala

Our startup Ayala Water & Ecology Nature Based Solutions from Israel has finished implementing its pilot and did the formal handover last week.

From heavy metals to organic pollution, Ayala treats all sorts of pathogens and produce clean water that can be used for irrigation.

Alongside Cervecería Boliviana Nacional and the AB InBev Foundation two water purification systems were donated to the Educational Units of Larati and Pampilla at the Sacaba municipality in Bolivia.

These systems will benefit more than 600 students and protect the local watersheds. Waste water will be treated to be used for irrigation and its disposal will no longer contaminate the local lake and river.

Our project manager, Cristina Bayona was there to represent 100+ Accelerator during the handover ceremonies to the school and municipality.

The mayor himself gave Sam Stephens the ABI Foundation Director, an appreciation recognition.
Excited to share with you some photos of this inspiring and sustainable implementation!