Nature-based modular system for storm water harvesting, purification & aquifer recharge

The challenge:

The issue of runoff water management is becoming increasingly significant with the spread of the flooding phenomenon, declining groundwater levels, severe deterioration in aquifer water quality, soil erosion, and increasing shortages of natural drinking water.

The leading causes for the accelerated runoff phenomenon are the massive destruction of the natural green cover, bad topography management such as the destruction of retention and detention zones, and on the other hand, the gigantic artificial construction of buildings, roads, and different none permeable large zones.

The short-run economic cost of these actions is enormous, and the long-run environmental cost is unmeasurable, including freshwater aquifers, soils, flora, and fauna.



In light of the rising awareness of the issue, the demand for collecting runoff is rising.

Dams and reservoir construction is too expensive, too little, too late, and ineffective.

The way forward is by reusing the soil as a “sponge,” as it used to be, since ever the most significant water storage on earth.  It can be done by redesigning the landscapes and creating more retention and detention zone, including active wetlands. Creating such hybrid systems is essential not only for the run-off collection but also for the safe recharge of the aquifers with clean water.

Ayala has developed several solutions that combine water infiltration into the ground with preliminary purification toward protecting the aquifer. Ayala’s product described below – Ayala EcoRich – combines purification systems on a completely natural basis that treat all types of pollutants in the run-off water, allowing the penetration of clean water into the aquifer; Excess water continues by gravity to other systems in the chain, enlarging the overall infiltration capacity. The size of the filtration system, the diameter of the insertion pipe, and the depth of drilling are determined per case. Displacement design and depth of insertion systems are planned and determined by the company’s professional staff according to the client’s requirements and local needs.

Ayala EcoRich systems are easy to install, economical, do not require maintenance, protect the aquifer from contaminants, renew it with good water, and significantly reduce the chance of flooding downhill.