Ayala’s sustainable, portable integrated solution for stand-alone toilets, or a cluster of toilets, in which the water that is used is treated in an adjoining natural treatment system and can be reused towards irrigation purposes/washing hardscapes/other non-potable uses. This is a neat and compact system and it logically closes the loop toward the toilet being a zero discharge unit, while saving water and nurturing surrounding gardens.

Ayala’s system, which is a natural ecological system, recycles the water used for flushing so that it can be reused. The system, includes a water tank on the roof, which needs filling once every 3-4 weeks. It includes a septic tank, which is suitably sized. Waste from the toilets, including toilet paper, breaks down naturally in the integrated system. No energy or chemicals are required and maintenance is negligible. Output water is of excellent quality and can be used for agriculture, gardening or to recharge the aquifer. These systems are adapted to the site’s conditions, enhance and beautify the landscape providing an excellent integrated, natural and aesthetic solution. There is no exposed water at any stage, avoiding risk of exposure to pathogenic elements or drowning. The end stage of the system contains a special unique and dedicated substrate, effectively eliminating any pathogens residues before discharging back to nature.