Implementing Sustainable Water Treatment at Aquatic Biosystems

Ensuring Quality and Expansion Plans

We prioritize strict measures to ensure high-quality and reliable aquatic species. Fish undergo a three-month quarantine to ensure they are disease-free, followed by acclimatization before shipping. In the near future, we plan to expand our operations, including exporting ornamental fish to Gulf countries, building on our strong domestic market presence.

Addressing Water Quality Challenges

Aquaculture’s success heavily relies on water quality, posing significant challenges such as environmental degradation and poor governance. To address these issues, we have partnered with Ayala, a global leader in Natural Biological Systems (NBS), for a sustainable water treatment solution.

Natural Biological System (NBS) Implementation

Ayala’s NBS technology treats wastewater of various categories to consistently high quality for reuse. Our facility requires approximately 3.8 MLD of water treatment, and Ayala’s NBS offers an economic, onsite, maintenance-free system. This natural treatment system ensures high-quality water for aquaculture and landscaping, promoting environmental well-being and industrial sustainability.

System Benefits

The NBS technology is a decentralized solution that requires no energy for its functioning, relying on gravity and solar power. It eliminates the need for chemical treatments and high maintenance, making it ideal for locations with variable energy supply. The system is designed to fit within limited spaces and integrates seamlessly into the landscape.

Project Specifications


      • Water to be treated: Approximately 3.8 MLD

      • Available area for NBS system: Roughly 2,000 SQM

      • Water quality: Relatively good with low levels of contaminants

      • Energy use: Minimal to none, with potential for a single pump for gravity or post-treatment water transfer

    Future Prospects

    The final concept plan will be tailored to land availability and aimed at achieving the best and most economical wastewater treatment standards. This project reflects our commitment to promoting sustainable aquaculture and responsible environmental stewardship.