“Climate change” development

Background: Industries are one of the more prominent influencers on “climate change” development: Industry in its various sectors demands much good water for production.

Industries discharge, many times, highly contaminated sewage into the environment, most with zero or partial treatment, which dramatically affects nearby soils and freshwater reservoirs.  Industries usually use much energy, increasing carbon footprint and air pollution.

Industries create much solid waste, which dramatically affects the environment.

Industries depend on raw materials, which enlarge the circle of ‘supporting’ initiatives such as mines, metals, polymers, etc.

Industries depend many times on cheap labor and create a poor social environment.

Technologies used to solve the growing issues are often dependent on energy and chemicals, creating more problems that are harder to treat.

Industries depend on consumption, and as long as the world population is growing, together with consumer culture, the problem will increase unless we reduce and ‘break’ the link between water and wastewater management and high energy and chemical demand.

This is precisely what ‘Ayala’ does; tailoring a solution per case, designing it holistically by ‘looking at the entire picture, using zero energy and chemicals for the processes, leaving minimal dependence on human maintenance, and fabricating it into the social environment in and out of the plant.