Ayala Water and Ecology Introduces the installation of an Ecoline4 system at AMBAR Animal Feed Factory

We are happy to announce the installation of one of our advanced portable natural-based wastewater treatment system at AMBAR animal feed factory. This system is installed quickly and preforms excellently immediately upon installation.

At Ayala Water and Ecology, we recognize the critical importance of responsible water usage and the need for efficient wastewater treatment. With the installation of our cutting-edge portable solution, we aim to revolutionize wastewater management in industry by delivering outstanding performance, exceptional sustainability, and ease of implementation.

Our system operates on the principles of nature’s own purification processes. By leveraging the power of phytoremediation, it effectively breaks down pollutants, removes contaminants, and restores wastewater to a high-quality state, without the use of chemical or energy inputs.


The portable nature of our solution offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Its modular design enables seamless integration into existing infrastructure, providing a cost-effective and efficient wastewater treatment option for facilities with limited space or changing operational requirements.

Furthermore, our natural-based solution promotes water conservation and reuse. Treated wastewater can be safely discharged into local water bodies, promoting ecosystem health, or repurposed for non-potable uses within the factory, such as irrigation or cleaning processes. By minimizing water consumption and optimizing resource utilization, our system contributes to sustainable water management practices.