Aquatic Plant Farm in Zipori – Sustainable water recycling

Ayala Water and Ecology cultivates aquatic plants designed to purify wastewater, employing our innovative Natural Biological System (NBS). This nature-based technology operates without the need for energy or chemicals and requires minimal human maintenance.

At our Zippori farm, we cultivate specialized aquatic plants that are integral to the wastewater purification systems we design and implement. These plants are acclimated to the conditions they will encounter in various purification systems, ensuring their effectiveness and resilience. By using purified wastewater for acclimation, we demonstrate a sustainable ecological model that recycles treated wastewater instead of using fresh water sources.

Our commitment to sustainability and ecological balance is reflected in every aspect of our operations at Zippori Aquatic Plant Farm. We strive to create and maintain environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to cleaner water and a healthier planet.

Sustainable waste water treatment is beautiful!
A variety of plants to be used for different purposes of filtration