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About Ayala

Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd, is a company of sustainability experts with 26 years of experience in the field of phytoremediation and operating with a simple goal:

Use natural, energy free, tools to restore balance to the environment.

This goal led to the development of the Natural Biological System™, a sustainable natural technology for treating sewage and waste streams, rehabilitating affected water bodies and rebalancing watersheds.

From headquarters at an organic farm owned by Ayala's founder and CEO Eli Cohen in Zipori, Israel, and through worldwide partners, Ayala designs and implements NBS™ as a tailored solution that integrates into the social and environmental fabric, providing an economical and aesthetic side of waste treatment that has never been known before.

Ranging in scope from acid mine drainage remediation in Chile to urban sewage treatment in India, the NBS™ is changing the global water-energy equation, reducing dependence on energy and maintenance, freeing up valuable water resources for on-site usage, and most of all, restoring nature’s ability to preserve and protect itself.

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Sustainable Solution = Energy free, minimal maintenance, longevity, high-performance

The growing problems around the world of massive water consumption and pollution, destruction of aquifers, extensive pavement that prevents recharge- needs a completely new approach to urban and watershed planning. Instead of adopting larger and larger centralized “solutions” with their attendant demands of infrastructure and energy, the NBS™ approach is to break the problem down into onsite, manageable and economic solutions. These onsite solutions are designed as part of the urban green landscape and serve several functions at once: they treat sewage, recharge the aquifer, harvest water, prevent floods, act as green lungs, reduce energy needs for transport of water and eliminate needs for failure-prone piping. This solution is a breakthrough for development in cities, significantly reducing the operating costs and budget associated with both the water and energy sectors. Cities benefiting from this approach are found in France, India, Israel, Mexico and Greece.

The NBS™ is used to holistically purify contaminated water, soil and air, simultaneously. Each system is created of modular treatment compartments sewn into the natural topography to minimize energy requirements. Inside the treatment compartments are a combination of biotic and abiotic components, plants and aggregates selected for their physical and chemical properties and varying internal hydraulic layouts. The NBS™ is tailored for each case and adapted to be effective anywhere in the world. All of the systems are designed to stand well within regulatory demands, and do so at a fraction of the operating costs and maintenance of conventional technologies.

Specialty applications: The NBS™ has been optimized for many waste generating sectors through years of experience and research. Examples include radical –and sustainable- new approaches for treating dairy farm sewage, hydrocarbons, landfill leachate, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and hormones, aquaculture, RO brines, sewage streams - and more. Each case is backed up with laboratory testing ensuring that local regulations are met and improved on.

NBS concept is based on the following guidelines:

  1. Every design is preceded by a thorough survey, learning the site’s unique conditions, generating a holistic understanding and approach to the problems.
  2. The system is designed to function without mechanical or human intervention to the greatest extent possible. As a result, the systems' maintenance costs are very low.
  3. Purification systems are designed to treat a whole range of contaminants simultaneously and to act as a powerful buffer, absorbing high fluctuations in sewage quality.
  4. Sewage and soil are treated as close to their source as possible, with minimal use of pipe systems and pumps.
  5. Local labor is used for system development and maintenance.
  6. Local components such as plants and aggregates are used as much as possible.
  7. The system is integrated into the landscape design, creating a powerful natural "green lung" that creates no nuisance and becomes a natural habitat which we call "Active landscape".
  8. All of the on-site water resources (run-off, rainfall, marginal and waste streams) are included in the holistic design, dramatically expanding treatment and onsite reuse options.



“Phytoremediation or Natural Biological System for treatment of waste water can be implemented by Ayala Natural Biological Systems Pvt Ltd Environmental Sustainability Experts (A subsidiary of Ayala Water and Ecology, Israel).

We are glad to inform you that, Phytoremediation implemented at CII – Godrej GBC for treatment of waste water of 5 KLD is successfully working from past 1 year and the water quality analysis report for various parameters are very much meeting the CPCB norms.

After experiencing the results of the system, we are strongly promoting this technology to Government organizations, Industries, corporates & educational institutions to implement this sustainable solution for treatment of waste water.”

- S Raghupathy,
Executive Director, Indian Green Building Council, Godrej-CII

“Mr. Eli Cohen, CEO of AYALA Water & Ecology, has designed and executed a Natural Biological System which treats industrial and sanitary sewage from the AHAVA consmetics factory.

The system is fully functional for almost ten years and supplies high quality water, in compliance with health regulations.

Operation of this system has put an end to former free discharge of raw sewage to the environment and treated sewage is being used for irrigation of the local ecological park.

AYALA’s services are highly professional and reliable; the NBS has proved to be highly efficient and cost effective.

We strongly recommend AYALA’s NBS technology and services for high quality results”

- Alon Gertman,
VP of operations, AHAVA- Dead Sea Laboratories

“In 2005 we hired Mr. Eli Cohen of Ayala Water & Ecology to work with us as a consultant and designer of natural water systems for our client at the Varibombi estate, in Athens, Greece.

We hired Mr. Cohen for his expertise in sustainability for the following projects:
  1. Old estate Lake Revitalization - (1 hectare with a daily water capacity of approximately 2500 cubic meters - continued inflow of polluted agricultural runs off from nearby fields). The lake had been improperly designed and not functioned for few years. The lake and water systems were redesigned with successful results leading towards the following project.
  2. New Lake Design - The new body of water will be located at a second estate, located close to the first one. Guide lines for this project were:
    • Self sustaining lake - 0.8 hectare, daily average water capacity of 2400 cubic meter inflow water from few sources:
      1. Rain water harvesting
      2. Agricultural continues contaminated runoff water
      3. Grey and potentially black water from nearby residences
      4. On-site contaminated wells
We were pleased with the design results as well as the professional and innovative approach which Mr. Cohen took towards the project. We look forward to implementing this approach in the future. The collaboration was a positive one for us.”

– George Savvaides,
Architect, AVP Architects, Athens, Greece

AYALA Water and Ecology, has designed and executed up to now three Natural Biological Systems, at different "Dor Alon" gas station complexes.

The NBS are treating all sources of sewage running off the complexes including: sanitary, active restaurants kitchens, washed hydrocarbon spills, car wash etc. The oldest NBS is more than 12 years old and they are highly reliable, and supply high quality purified water with very little maintenance.

This on-site solution protects the surrounding soils from casual contamination, protect the soil and protect the company from unnecessary official claims.

Our company has been in a working relationship with AYALA for over 12 years now, and we are very pleased with their concept and service.

- Nissim Shavit,
CEO of Ecology and Env. Dep. Dor Alon Gas and Energy, Yakum, Israel

“The NBS in Ganey Yehoshua, one of the largest and oldest parks in Israel, is a river rejuvenation system, purifying water from the Yarkon River, acting as a powerful natural buffer and contributing to the park’s view by adding an impressive landscape element.

The system has been active for more than 10 years now and is very efficient and reliable.

The only maintenance demands are monthly landscaping as part of the park upkeep.

We strongly recommend using the NBS concept and AYALA’s services”

- Haim Ronen,
CEO, Ganey-Yehoshua National Park, Ramat Gan-Tel Aviv, Israel

From 1996 to the present time Kibbutz Neot Smadar has worked with Mr. Eli Cohen who has supplied us with design, planning and supervision in the following projects:

Lake Neot Smadar
The organic and ecological lake is used as an irrigation reservoir and organic fish farm. The sustainable system produces and preserves the water allowing for excellent fish fertility and quality with inflows of up to 180 cubs. m/h. The system requires very low maintenance costs and in addition serves as a Bird Park and potential tourist site. The project total cost was 2.5MUS$

Neot Smadar and Neve Harif Sewage Treatment Plant
This plant treats residential, industrial and complicated agricultural sewage including a large dairy farm, goat farm, cheese factory, winery, olive oil mill and other small enterprises. The system which began operations in 2006 was planned for peak hourly influent capacity of 45 cub.m/h. The outflow water quality is very high, meets all regulatory standards and is used for irrigation. Maintenance costs are negligible. Total system costs were 600K US$

Treatment of Local Desalination Rejected Water
The rejected water of the desalination local system contains high sulfuric compounds. A new in-site system built according to the NBS concept will reduce S content to allow for irrigation purposes. The system will begin operation in the near future. Daily water volume is expected to reach 800 cu.m. Total project estimated costs 200KUS$

We are truly pleased with the high level of professionalism and responsibility with which Mr. Cohen and the entire AYALA team brings to our organization. We highly recommend then for any organization requiring quality work along with responsibility with an enjoyable human approach. We look forward to develop further projects together with Mr. Cohen and “AYALA”

- Omri Yadin,
General Manager, Kibbutz Neot Smadar

Villar Energy is involved in the design and construction of two projects aimed at producing bio fuel special plants, either from the seeds or from the whole bio-mass … The success of both projects relies on the availability of water, and the only economically feasible sources are polluted.

To find an affordable and otherwise viable way to bring the water quality to a usable standard, Villar Energy is working with Ayala Water & Ecology, a company specializing in creating customized wetlands to treat specific water pollution issues. Ayala’s engineered natural biological systems” (NBS) is being use in the Ethiopia project to treat the Awash river's water that is severely degraded; in Mexico, the project’s irrigation is dependent on Ayala’s treatment of sewage water from densely populate Veracruz.

Villar Energy has successful previews experience with Ayala's NBS technology which was installed in Calla residential estate at Campeche, Campeche State, Mexico.

The system is functioning for more than a year and supply excellent water quality being used for irrigation, approved by local authorities. We are very enthusiastic about our work with Ayala and their ability to deliver practical, economical and sustainable solutions for cleaning water to irrigate our alternative energy projects.

- Shalom Sagiv,
General Manager, Villar Energy Co., Quebec, Canada
Complex Interactions of Aggreagates and Hydraulics
Tel Aviv, Israel- Yarkon River Rehabilitation

Yarkon River, Israel- Polishing Pond
Botanical Garden Jerusalem
Hyderabad, India (HGA)- NBS-Hybrid Treatment
Naot Smadar, Negev Desert- Organic Fish Farm


  1. Support from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program
    Ayala has developed a modular, energy-free, portable system based on Ayala’s Natural Biological System™ technology, the P-NBSTM, which treats source water to regulation quality for reuse, filling a major gap in remote areas where good quality waters are needed and no other solution is feasible. To validate the P-NBSTM, Ayala received support in part from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 700699

  2. SME Instrument Support
    Ayala received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, SME instrument phase I, under grant agreement No 854782 to further adapt the P-NBSTM and take it to the European market.

  3. Protection & Rejuvenation of TG Halli Reservoir by the Natural Biological System (2013-2016)

    Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Bangalore, India

    A comprehensive strategy to treat widespread environmental degradation in an important watershed of Karnataka State. Stage I under development: Design of Natural Biological System to treat perennial Arkavathi River flow from West Bangalore, 10-15 million L/day of mixed domestic and industrial sewage (COD 300-800 mg/l). Unique elements include passive stormflow protection, continuous treatment under gravity powered conditions, integration into existing riverbanks. Additional stages to come online

  4. Plain du Var holistic design (2009)

    Ministère De L'écologie, Du Développement Durable Et De L'énergie, Nice, France

    Holistic watershed design, urban and rural sustainable elements for passive flood prevention, riparian erosion protection, aquifer recharge and protection, “Eco-Trail” continuous trail from the sea to the Alps. In conjunction with prestigious urban and landscape design firm WEST-8 (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

  5. Nablus/Alexander River Rehabilitation (2008)

    Israeli Ministry of the Environment

    Design and establishment of robust wetland network to dramatically upgrade river quality polluted with industrial, sanitary and agricultural outflow from numerous villages in the Samaria Mountain range. System highlights- copes with wild swings in quality due to seasonal agricultural activity, functions with no external energy input.

  6. Rehabilitation of Hyderabad Urban Waterways (2012)

    Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, India

    Survey and conceptual design for the rehabilitation of the urban watershed of Hyderabad Metropolis. Includes the Kukatpally nalla (70 million L/day) at confluence of Hussain Sagar lake, Durgam Cheruvu (Secret Lake), interception and treatment of industrial sewage embedded in the urban environment with minimal changes to existing infrastructure, controls for erosion and flooding.

  7. Hyderabad Golf Course Integrated Sewage Treatment and Reuse (2014)

    Hyderabad Golf Association, India

    Holistic design of property to meet irrigation demands by treating existing wastewater flows (2-4 million L/day) via thorough redesign of the hydraulic infrastructure and implementing NBS at strategic locations on the property.

  8. Divyasree Developers (2014)

    Divyasree Developers, Bangalore, India

    Multi-faceted air water and soil pollution rehabilitation design. Major upgrade of storm/sewage drains and banks on the grounds of a major housing development in Bangalore (2-3 million L/day) with built-in reuse infrastructure. Vegetative green wall for noise and air filtration.

  9. Calla Campeche, Mexico (2009)

    Municipality of Campeche, Mexico

    Sanitary water treatment of a medium sized community (500-1000 family units), protection of local canals, Biodiesel production

  10. Yarkon River Rehabilitation (2011)

    Tel Aviv Municipality / Park Ganey Yehoshua, Israel

    Design and implementation of constructed wetlands for treating the Yarkon River (400,000 L/d), polishing of sewage effluent, removal of pathogens and metals. Highly acclaimed urban park with integrated active landscape, functions as estuary, biodiversity reservoir, cooling of the urban heat-sink, recreational/picnic destination.

  11. Yavne River Rehabilitation (2014)

    Municipality of Yavne, Israel

    Revival of a dried up riverbed as the backbone of an ecological neighborhood. Designs include integral elements for purifying treated effluents, passive storm control, upstream flood and turbulence control, interception and treatment of urban runoff.

  12. Varibobi Estate, Lake Rehabilitation (2005)

    Private Estate, Athens, Greece

    Design of hydraulic and vegetated buffer zones to protect lake system from agricultural influent pollution.

  13. Biological Sewage Treatment Plant in a Remote Power Plant (2013)

    Israel Electric Corp., Ramat Hovav, Israel

    Design and establishment of a biological sewage treatment plant (25,000 L/day) for a power plant not served by the municipal sewage plant. The system saves millions of dollars yearly in pumping, transport and operation costs, produces water of tertiary quality for irrigation and operates with minimal human involvement.

  14. Phytoremediation for urban sewage, Indian Green Building Council (2013)

    Confederation of Indian Industry, Hyderabad

    Establishment of a highly regarded phytoremediation facility for treatment of all the waste generated by the IGBC building complex, Hyderabad (to 10,000 L/day). Serves as a technology springboard for application in Indian urban and rural settings.

  15. Ganei Tikvah, Neighborhood Scale Grey Water Recycling (2012)

    Ganei Tikvah Municipal Council

    Design and Implementation of a greywater treatment and reuse facility for 550 residential units, embedded into the urban environment to function in addition as a beautiful and unique recreational zone including an extensive lotus pond, and “active” landscape. Meets stringent regulatory requirements for reuse in a populated urban zone.

  16. Ampa Business Complex Grey Water Recycling (2011)

    Ampa Real Estate Developers, Tel Aviv Municipality

    Grey water recycling as part of a central business complex in Tel Aviv. Mixture of subsurface wetland and free-flow lotus/fish pond. Favorite site for urban joggers/lunch breakers. Forms a natural arcade with boardwalk and outlets to businesses. Relief from urban heat-sink.

  17. Gas Station run-off and sewage treatment facilities (2001-2007)

    Dor Alon Group, Delek Group. Sites throughout Israel

    Design and Establishment of facilities at gas stations throughout Israel, especially in rural/agricultural areas to intercept and treat gas station rinse water, runoff, sewage generated from restaurants/refreshment areas and rest stops toilets. The purified water contains no hydrocarbon or mineral oil residues and is used for either local irrigation or groundwater replenishment.

  18. Ahava Cosmetics Plant (2001)

    Ahava Cosmetics, Dead Sea, Israel

    Design and implementation of a treatment system for cosmetics plant waste stream as well as sanitary sewage from workers and visitor’s center. Treatment of highly concentrated mineral and emulsion rich brines/sludge under intense environmental conditions at the Dead Sea.

  19. Airplane Hangar Runoff (2002)

    Israel Air force, Ramat David, Israel

    Design and implementation of a treatment system for airplane hangar and garage runoff containing hydrocarbons and dissolved organic pollutants.

  20. Food Oil Plant (2004)

    Shemen Factory, Haifa, Israel

    Design and implementation of a treatment system for sewage originating in a cooking oil factory and refinery containing high levels of sulfates, organic pollutants and salinity.

  21. Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures (2007)

    PEI Ltd, Haifa, Israel

    Design and implementation of a treatment system for rinse water from petroleum tankers containing high levels of salinity (50% seawater), heavy metals and hydrocarbons. System includes bioindicator pools, combination of hydraulic regimes and phytoremediation. Excellent removal (>90% for metals, hydrocarbons) observed over years of maintenance free operation.

  22. Treatment of Landfill Leachate- Hiriya/Park Ariel Sharon (2007)

    Association of Cities in Tel Aviv Metropolis Region, Hiriya

    Design and implementation of a treatment system to treat difficult dump truck rinse/landfill leachate water with extreme loadings and fluctuations in quality. Forms a link in the protective buffer zone protecting the sensitive confluence of Yarkon and Ayalon Rivers. Orders of magnitude (>1000%) removal of COD, BOD, TSS and E. Coli. Currently the proposed subject for a joint Israeli-German research project on the fate of pathogens and micropollutants in the subsurface zone.

  23. Treatment of Dairy Farm and Community Sewage with NBS (2006)

    Kibbutz Lotan, Eilot Regional Council, Israel

    Designing and establishing a unique natural system with low-maintenance demands for treatment of 1) dairy farm waste; 2) sanitary waste of the community (total 110,000 L/day). For the sake of the system, AYALA invented a completely new approach to treating the high organic pollution of the dairy farm water, including a static separation chamber amenable to operation by local labor

  24. Establishment of a Constructed Wetland in an Extreme Arid Climate for an Agricultural Settlement (2009)

    Kibbutz Neot Semadar, Arava Region, Israel

    Designing and establishing an extensive system for an entire agricultural settlement, treatment and reuse of several wastewater streams including a fish farm (high ammonia), dairy farm and domestic sewage. After proving >90% removal of pollutants and high economic sustainability, the system attracted the attention of several research groups and is still the subject of intense investigation of plant physiology, phytoremediation and bioindicators.

  25. Treatment and Recycling of Vineyard crush and Olive mill press (2008)

    Amphorae Vineyard, Kerem Maharal, Israel

    Wine and olive crush carries a huge seasonal burden. AYALA designed and implemented a solution that could survive all year in a “dormant” state, purifying the sewage from a restaurant and worker’s quarters, while in high season ramps up automatically to handle the huge influx of phenols, tannins, dissolved organic matter and salts originating in the wine and olive press. The purified water, meeting stringent regulatory demands, is returned to the vineyard as irrigation.

  26. OsCo Ostrich Farm- Treatment of abbatoir sewage and rinsewater, domestic sewage (2010)

    Tseelim (Western Negev), Israel

    Establishment of tailored system to receive abbatoir run-off and rinse water; treatment of all sewage produced on the farm, effluent meets regulatory requirements for environmental release and is used to recharge the groundwater. In addition, the system functions as a rain water harvester to replenish the parched desert ground.

Tel Aviv, Israel - Yarkon River Rehabilitation
Ramat Hovav (IEC), Onsite STP and Reuse in Power Plant
Campeche, Mexico - Municipal STP and Canal Protection
Hyderabad, India (HGA)- Raw Sewage Inlet
HGA-outlet treated sewage
Athens, Greece- Varibobi Lake Rehabilitation
Naot Smadar, Negev Desert - Organic Fish Farm
Yarkon River Rehabilitation
Biological Sewage Treatment Plant in a Remote Power Plant
Athens, Greece - Varibobi Lake Rehabilitation
Ampa Business Complex Grey Water Recycling
Gas Station Sewage Treatment
Kiryat Haim, Israel (Petroleum Infrastructres Ltd) Oil tank Depot Crude oil degradation
Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures
Hiriya/Park Ariel Sharon

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